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"Coatesville prepared me for the work I do today by providing me with a great foundation in general knowledge but also in giving me amazing team building experiences and collaboration opportunities throughout my schooling."


—  Michelle Camburn, 5th grade Math and Science teacher


Coatesville Area School District alumni are one of the district's greatest assets. There are so many of us who have come from Coatesville that hold an incredible amount of pride not only for the city we grew up in but also the education we received here.  

Coatesville Alumni Association’s invites you to be part of our Raider Resource Program to serve as a resource for our students by sharing your time, talent and influnence with the community.  We value the opportunity to learn from you and all our alumni.   

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Pride Influencer 

We are looking for alumni who are proud of our district and are willing to advocate by using their sphere of influence to spread the word about all the great things CASD is doing!


Coatesville High School Alumni Association wants to provide you this information along with photos and links so that you can help us promote through your personal social media platforms.

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Become a Raider Resource

Partner with us as we work to enlighten and empower Coatesville High School students to explore authentic, real-world opportunities for leadership, hands-on research, and career discovery through the lens of Alumni and community.

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Donate to the Noble Red & Black

Not sure volunteering is for you? Consider supporting a program in CASD that you are passionate about or helping a CASD student obtain a scholarship that will greatly impact on their student experience.

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