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Senior Class Officers are 'Raider Representatives' for your graduating class. These Class officers take on the important responsibility of not only representing and leading your graduating class your senior year, but also well past graduation.

The purpose of having class officers is to help build class spirit and cohesiveness throughout the class’ experience in high school and later in reunion years. Class officers work closely with their class advisors and the Activities Office to carry out a number of class activities including: fundraising, Homecoming activities, Prom, Prom Parade, Senior Class trip (at one time), graduation, and class reunions.

After Graduation it is also the job of the class officers to maintain connections between classmates by planning reunions and engagements. Class officers are responsible for organizing reunions, handling all payments and contacting graduates.

Take it from me, (Raider Representative, Class of 2001) planning a reunion is no simple task. I can remember feeling perplexed by the time our first (10 year) reunion rolling around. I really had no idea where to start and because the Coatesville Area School District is not involved in the organization of any events and is not responsible for class reunions the task felt a bit overwhelming.


Serve as a point of contact for your senior class on all class and Alumni information!  Partner with CAA so that we can distribute (via phone, e-mail, mail, website or social media tool) information regarding reunion events, activities, fundraising, etc.

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The Coatesville Alumni Association has been working diligently to find class officers/organizers from each graduation year. You can see that information under 'Graduating Classes'. However we are still missing so many.

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The Coatesville Alumni Association developed this resource to provide you with guidance on everything from contacting classmates to finding an event location to publicizing reunion details. The information here reflects recommendations and ideas that have helped other classes create memorable reunions!


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