Coatesville Alumni Association

143 Years of Proud Alumni

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The Coatesville Alumni Association was originally established in June of 1895 by the eighteen class officers of each graduating class (starting with the class of 1878) with guidance from Professor W.T. Gordon (first president of the association) and Mrs. W. S. Young (secretary).   Class officers were chosen by their senior class not only to represent them throughout their senior year, but also charged with the responsibility of representing their graduating class at the Coatesville Alumni Association. 

The main focus of the organization at this time was for social purpose, reuniting the classes so they could catch up and reminisce.  The very first banquet held was on June 3rd 1895.  Each graduating class had their officers and it would be their job to gather the contact information of all of their classmates, (This is why there are addresses and phone numbers in the yearbook) so that the association could send them an invite to the next alumni association banquet.   In the 55 years that the Coatesville Alumni Association was active, they had over 6000 members. 

As class sizes became increasingly larger the Alumni Association was unable to handle banquets of such size. In April of 1948 had their last Alumni Banquet.  This would be the last time that all the graduating classes would gather in one place, it would now become the responsibility of each class and Senior Class officers to continue with the tradition.  Seventy-three years later along with the help and collaboration of a few community organizations, the Coatesville Alumni Association has been reestablished. 

Our goal in reestablishing the Coatesville Alumni Association (CAA) is to assist in sharing and promoting the advancement of the Coatesville Area School District through the united effort of its community and alumni.  Whether you graduated from Scott High School or CASH, the Association seeks to generate and maintain the active interest of all Coatesville Area School District alumni, so that we can better support the students and programs that will help our kids succeed.  We also hope to create a scholarship program for the student body.